Advantages and disadvantages of l-shaped desks

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the corner table?

Which size of the corner table fits where?

Almost all houses have corner space in the layout, so how to use the corner space? Some people will put potted plants, flower pots, gardening flowers, and grass in the corners to decorate the space, but for home life, the corner space where boxes can be stored seems to be more substantive. Only with reasonable planning can we make the corners more practical and maximize the use of indoor space. However, many friends do not know the specific use of corner tables, nor do they know which sizes are suitable for their needs. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the corner table.

Advantages of the corner table:

  1. The corner table allows the entire space to be used reasonably and saves a lot of space. It is common in life to combine the functions of a writing desk and a bookcase. For the overall space, only the size of a bookshelf is needed. It can greatly save the space occupied in the house. This is very useful for small apartment users.
  2. The corner table can be placed in a relatively large range, users have a lot of freedom to arrange the placement of items, and some small items can also increase the decoration beauty of the entire room.
  3. The material of SOGES is the E1 solid wood material used, which provides a variety of choices for users who like solid wood furniture.
  4. Some corner tables have two desktops, which can be used to place multiple monitors. You can place a computer for gaming and a monitor for the office at the same time, so you can do both games and office.
  5. The corner table can be designed with its own shelf, which can provide space to store books and magazines, and other items so that the home or office is organized.

Disadvantages of corner tables:

  1. Too complicated partition and open design lead to inconvenient cleaning.
  2. Most corner tables are made of plates instead of solid wood, so there is less choice for users who like solid wood furniture.
  3. The color of the corner table can be less selective, and it can't satisfy the cool style that some game enthusiasts like.

What are the dimensions of the corner table?

  1. A modern-style corner table. The modern-style corner table allows users to feel the affinity brought by the furniture and the simple charm of the modern style. In the modern style corner table, only the right side uses a steel tripod, while the left side is combined with a small file cabinet, which is not only practical but also beautiful. It is a common modern style corner table with a size of 70.9*31.5*29.5 inches. This corner table is suitable for the boss's office. The design is relatively simple and the tabletop is flat. It shows the boss's rigorous working environment and also dilutes the office's serious breath, adding a bit of rustic breath.
  2. The common size of the corner table is 51.18 x 51.18 x 29.5 inches. The common base material is made of healthy and environmentally friendly high-density boards. The tabletop uses imported natural veneer. The delicate texture allows you to enjoy the texture of solid wood furniture. This table size is the preferred furniture for many white-collar workers. It is suitable to be placed in the study room at home, convenient to work at home, and it can also store files and books with its own shelf.

However, the specific size needs to be selected according to the actual needs of the user, and the accurate measurement of the space size is very helpful for the selection of the table.

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