Business Specialist


1. Handle general business event requests from partners and handle daily business work;
2. Handle quotation, customer tracking, customer credit management and other related matters;
3. Participate in and assist in the drafting of business negotiations, contracts and agreements with partners;
4. Collect industry and market information and analyze it;
5. Assist in the arrangement of business activities.

Pre-sales customer service specialist

1. Strong sense of service, responsible for establishing good communication with customers, patiently and meticulously solving customer problems, giving correct and pertinent suggestions, guiding and helping customers to complete the establishment of orders, and obtain a good shopping experience, and improve the company's customer satisfaction ;
2. Operate the store backstage proficiently, process orders, timely and accurately modify remarks, and follow up orders to ensure that the products are delivered to customers intact and undamaged;
3. Strictly implement the tasks assigned by superiors, achieve monthly and annual personal customer satisfaction, order conversion rate, payment conversion rate, customer unit price and other aspects of performance, and actively create surprises for customers.